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You & Me

So you and me? I walk the red light, and I'm loose. A tune a wrote then. Now is now, which is the right time for rerecording. Singing blues, the 7/8 moon. The light. And lastly the song. Walking along hand in hand with the bass. On a skatebord, past streetlight. And in the night.

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Pressem (Fake Funk)

A song with lyrics inspired by inspirational quotes. For some reason I'm bombarded with those on my fb. You know the kind with fluffy abstract simplistic messages that can mean what ever you want them to:

Always say what you feel
it is not being rude
it is being real

The whole idea of these quotes are to get you to talk about yourself - people like that. So all the quotes are heavily commented meaning they gain popularity on fb meaning I have to deal with several daily such suggestions despite I loath them. Anyway, now I have written a song about them that includes them - a kind of rock/funk thing in 7/8 . So here you go:

If you ever rejected me
thank you
because everytime I win
I remember you

If you feel the need for more inspirational quotes please read "This is not propaganda" instead.

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Secret Agent

Done before and now again. The video for my track Secret Agent - a rocky/funky/jazzy tune in 7/8 time signature. The video is from Samsø Festival 2019.

"Mr. Bond. You defy all my attempts to plan an amusing death for you. You're not a sports man, Mr. Bond. Why did you break up the encounter with my pet python? I discovered he had a crush on me."

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Dial, dial, who's there? Daisy. Daisy who? Daisy me rollin, they hatin: My track Telephone. A rock/funk/something in 15/8 time signature. With a little along the watchtower here and there - if we only had an engine, we would live in the fast lane. You see? Anyway, feat William Vergo on the Harmonikeyyyyy.

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